18 Pictures of Artwork by Artist Jane Bak

Jane Bak is currently an Illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Here are 18 examples of her work.

See more of Jane Bak’s artwork her official website: http://www.janebakart.com/

Jane Bak-illustrator-002

Jane Bak-illustrator-003

Jane Bak-illustrator-004

Jane Bak-illustrator-005

Jane Bak-illustrator-006

Jane Bak-illustrator-007

Jane Bak-illustrator-008

Jane Bak-illustrator-009

Jane Bak-illustrator-010

Jane Bak-illustrator-011

Jane Bak-illustrator-012

Jane Bak-illustrator-013

Jane Bak-illustrator-014

Jane Bak-illustrator-016

Jane Bak-illustrator-017

Jane Bak-illustrator-024

Jane Bak-illustrator-026

Jane Bak-illustrator-027

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